Kieran Flaherty is an amateur-going-on-specialist in the application of game thinking and game mechanics to engage users in learning and behavioural change. His interests are in psychology, and how through technology, we can create systems and environments that encourage people to  act ethically and responsibly towards one another.

He is a lifelong gamer, a professional product manager in the area of online spaces and more recently a student of psychology. He’s incredibly intere

He is also a big fan of speaking in the third person.

This blog is a free expression of his thought and ideas in this space. He hopes you feel free to leave your comments and join in the discussion.

Also, he sorta looks like this if you’re into that kinda thing…


Photo of Kieran Flaherty

(these few pixels belie his handsome semblance)

Got to the end of the ‘About’ section but still feel unsatisfied? Of course…

  • Want to see a full list of the material that Kieran finds himself reading through in his day to day? Or to see which resources have impacted his opinions? Try his Incentadvise Del.icio.us Page.
  • Feel like the visual parts of your brain are often left understimulated while reading the latest news in the world of gamification? Wanna see Kieran’s doodle(s)? Follow him on his Incentadvise Instagram Page.
  • Not getting Kieran’s opinion spoon fed to you fast enough? Enjoying his witicisms but feel they would more valuable in a real-time context? Follow him on the Incentadvise Twitter Page.

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